Bulgaria among EU countries of "high concern" regarding Covid-19 spread: ECDC

Bulgaria among EU countries of "high concern" regarding Covid-19 spread: ECDC

The latest risk assessment report by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), published yesterday, rated Bulgaria as a country of "high concern" in the EU/EEA area and the UK regarding the rates of the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The assessment report categorizes countries in two groups: countries with stable trends and countries with concerning trends. The latter is broken up into two sub-groups: the first sub group includes countries where an increase of cases is largely due to high testing rates. In these countries, most of the spread is reported among young individuals.

Twelve countries make up this sub-group: Austria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and the UK. The ECDC describes the overall risk for the population and the healthcare system in these countries as moderate, but ups it to very high if the healthcare system is taken out of the pool: i.e. the risk for the population alone remains very high. This is mostly due to the impact of increased spread of the virus among vulnerable groups.

The second sub-group includes Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Malta, Romania and Spain, in which the ECDC has recognized trends of high concern. In this sub-group the spread of the coronavirus is more rapid among older individuals. In addition, the higher concern comes from the shift in the proportion between daily cases, hospitalized and deaths: these countries are seeing an increase in the latter two. The risk of COVID-19 in this sub-group has been assessed as high for the general population and very high for vulnerable groups.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria reported double new daily cases September 25 compared to the days and weeks prior. Of 4775 PCR tests over the past 24 hours, 290 have come back negative, which marks also a significant rise in the share of positive tests: 6%. For comparison, the new daily cases since early-mid August varied between 70 and 160; the percent of positive tests over the past week, for example, averaged at 4,2%.

The number of recovered patients in the past 24 hours is almost twice less than the new cases: 146.

The country registered an increase in hospitalized patients as well: 18 new patients have been admitted to hospital in the last day, bring the total number of COVID-19 patients in hospital to 744. 30 of those are treated in ICUs.

In total, since the first coronavirus infections were confirmed in Bulgaria, 19573 people have tested positive for the virus, 14013 have recovered, 785 people have died. 4775 are the currently active coronavirus cases in Bulgaria.


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