First death from coronavirus in Bulgaria

Seven confirmed cases in the country, including the deceased

First death from coronavirus in Bulgaria

The 66-year-old woman, who was admitted to hospital in critical condition Tuesday night who tested positive for the COVID-19 died Wednesday afternoon. She and her husband were the first two coronavirus cases, confirmed in the capital Sofia on Tuesday.

The 74-year-old man – who had a history of pulmonary disease – was admitted to Pirogov hospital with severe shortage of breath on Monday. He tested positive for the coronavirus.

Meanwhile his wife had gotten also sick and was taken in in critical condition on Tuesday and incubated. The woman had been suffering from a chronic cardiac disease and has had a heart surgery. She died the next day. Her husband’s condition remains serious but he is not intubated.

Everybody with whom the two have had contact with are being tested, eight people are under quarantine. They do not exhibit symptoms, the results from their tests are still pending. 30 medical personnel and 49 patients in the hospital are under medical supervision.

Meanwhile, a seventh case of the coronavirus was confirmed Wednesday afternoon. The patient is a doctor, who likely contracted the virus during medical conferences she attended in the U.K. and Spain. Her condition is good. She has not been in contact with any patients since she returned because she is on leave.


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