Hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Bulgaria reduced by 100 for the week

Hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Bulgaria reduced by 100 for the week

COVID-19 patients in Bulgaria who are treated in hospital dropped below 800 this week for the first time since late July. The country has seen an upward trend of daily cases for several months before a seeming slow down over the past week or two. In the last seven days alone, the number of hospitalized patients in the country was reduced by almost a hundred. 39 fewer patients are treated in healthcare facilities since yesterday as well, which marks the most significant daily decline in the last week.

The number of patients in ICUs, however, remains unchanged – 56.

Bulgaria’s Chief Health Inspector Dr. Angel Kounchev told bTV that the downward trend in new daily cases, which we are seeing in the past couple of weeks is likely to be a stable one. It, however, is not the result of good discipline regarding following social distancing guidelines, he highlighted. Instead, the lower numbers are probably due to limiting the spread of infections in recent hotspots, especially in senior homes. Kounchev cited data by the European Center for Disease Control in Stockholm, according to which Bulgaria registered a 32% drop in cases in the last 14 days.

Dr. Kounchev also pointed out that the Balkans as a whole went through a rise in cases of late, with Bulgaria keeping new cases over 1500 on a weekly basis, but the "wave is now moving towards [Western parts of] Europe", Kounchev said.

Overall, the total number of coronavirus positive cases in Bulgaria to date are 14500. 135 have been confirmed in the last 24 hours. 4546 are the currently active cases, which 9442 people with the infection have recovered since the beginning of the outbreak.  512 people with coronavirus have died, 14 since yesterday.


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