New record: Bulgaria registers 330 new coronavirus cases

The cases are nearly 100 more than yesterday, which also marked a record and rapid jump

New record: Bulgaria registers 330 new coronavirus cases

A day after Health Minister Kiril Ananiev pledged the government will reinstate measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 in case daily cases reached 240, yesterday marked a record of 240. Ananiev indeed issued a new order, restricting access to indoor night clubs, bars, etc. Those can only serve clients outdoors at 50% capacity. The order also mandates all sporting events be held without spectators and for no more than 30 people to be allowed to attend gatherings and celebrations (like weddings, proms, conferences, etc.) at once.

The order came after PM Boyko Borissov repeatedly declared measures will not be brought back, although at the time when he decided to lift them, he went on record that in the event daily registered cases passed the 100 mark for several consecutive days, the government will bring back all measures. For about three weeks during which Bulgaria confirmed cases way over 100, with a few exceptions, he maintained his anti-measures position. Apparently, at 240 he and the minister – who seemed a bit more inclined to bring back restrictions – decided to reinstate some measures at the end.

A day later, today, marked yet a new record and a near 100 drastic rise of 330 new coronavirus infections. As an added point of concern, the number of tests over the past 24 hours were about 600 less than the day before: 3686 compared to 4286 the previous day, and 240 positive results.

The drastic increase of cases is likely the aftermath of the government lifting nearly all measures to contain the spreаd of the disease, gradually between mid-May and mid-June. A few football matches were held several weeks ago with spectators, one was allowed to receive an estimated 12’000. Nightclubs in conjunction with prom season have also likely had an impact.

Today, as well as yesterday, the most cases came from Sofia – 140. With the newly registered 330, the total number of confirmed coronavirus infections to date rose to 6672. Of those 3181 are currently active. 525 are hospitalized, 28 are in ICUs. 262 people with the infection have died.


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