Representative study in Plovdiv to determine the COVID-19 situation in Bulgaria

This is the first representative population epidemiological study in Bulgaria about the coronavirus

Representative study in Plovdiv to determine the COVID-19 situation in Bulgaria

The coronavirus response team will be conducting a representative epidemiological study in Plovdiv to produce a more accurate picture as to the scope and spread of the novel coronavirus in Bulgaria. This is the first such study, which will attempt to evaluate the epidemiological indicators of COVID-19 in Bulgaria.

Bulgaria has typically tested people with symptoms and contact people of confirmed cases till now, which does not provide a clear depiction of the actual distribution of the virus among the population.

Dr. Angel Kunchev of the coronavirus response team, who is also an epidemiologist, will lead the team conducting the study, which will begin next week and will likely conclude in a month’s time.  

The city of Plovdiv has been chosen for the study because Plovdiv’s cases to date match the average in the country. There are 59 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Plovdiv, ranking it sixth among Bulgarian cities. The capital, Sofia leads by far with 841 cases. Pleven is second with 187.

The study will rely on the ELISA methodology to build its data. This type of assay is one of the most commonly used to quantify the infection spread. The ELISA tests for antibodies in the system of a subject to determine whether he or she has had the SARS-Cov-2 in their body.

In case of a positive result, the subject will undergo a PCR test as well, to find if the virus is currently present in their system.


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