• PM Boyko Borissov hinted over the weekend he might resign only to reaffirm he won’t

    Bulgaria is in its 34th day of nation-wide anti-government protests. The people are demanding the entire government to resign as well as Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev: both, the government in the face of Boyko Borissov and Geshev are seen as the foremost protectors of oligarch interests. A key...

  • In almost a month of nation-wide anti-government protests, top officials send mixed signals about possible resignation

    Ruling party GERB held a "national conference" yesterday in Sofia with party members from across the country. The conference itself did not produces much news. GERB leader and PM Boyko Borissov held a lengthy speech in front of a crowd, seated beneath a scorching noon sun in what was...

  • Chief Health Inspector Angel Kounchev expects access to healthcare to become disrupted

    Bulgaria marked a new record in coronavirus deaths in the past 24 hours. 16 people positive for the infection have died in the last day, bringing the total number of COVID-19 fatalities to 404. The National Chief Health Inspector Angel Kounchev expressed concern in an interview to NOVA TV that...

  • Anti-government protests are happening across Bulgaria for 20 straight days

    The government announced yesterday the second round of relief measures to counter the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis. The entire package is worth 1,16 billion leva. 2/3 of the sum – 732 million are for social measures – a significant part - in the form of one-time cash...

  • Chief Health Inspector Angel Kounchev says the country ranks third in infection rate in the EU

    Bulgaria surpassed today the 10’000 coronavirus infections mark with 270 new cases in the past 24 hours. Daily cases over the last days have been just under or over 300, a general increase to the daily 200’s over the recent two weeks. The upward trend has been steady in the past...

  • Bulgaria is entering its third week of anti-government protests, which do not seem at all impressed by the resignations

    Passing the two-week mark of antigovernment protests across the country, PM Boyko Borissov sacked four ministers. Borissov promised protesters that the government will not resign but instead will undergo a deep reconstruction. Apparently, this is what he meant. The three ministers he asked to...

  • Bulgaria is seeing its largest antigovernment protests in 7 years

    In the largest wave of antigovernment protests in Bulgaria in the past seven years, protesters demand the resignation of the government, PM Boyko Borissov personally, and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev. The protests have united citizens from across the political spectrum against a deep-rooted...

  • Thousands demand government and Prosecutor General resign in largest protest wave since 2013

    Bulgaria is seeing the largest anti-government protest wave since 2013. Then, protesters marched for more than a year, after Parliament voted to appoint media mogul and Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) MP Delyan Peevski as head of the State Agency for National Security. Peevski and the...

  • President Roumen Radev called the government and controversial Prosecutor General to resign

    On July 7 non-parliamentary opposition leader Hristo Ivanov debarked at Rosenec beach, and was greeted and removed by guards of the honorary leader of the Movement of Rights and Freedoms (DPS) Ahmed Dogan. The beach is state-public property but access to the site and the beach is practically...

  • The cases are nearly 100 more than yesterday, which also marked a record and rapid jump

    A day after Health Minister Kiril Ananiev pledged the government will reinstate measures to slow the spread of COVID-19 in case daily cases reached 240, yesterday marked a record of 240. Ananiev indeed issued a new order, restricting access to indoor night clubs, bars, etc. Those can only serve...

  • Health Minister Kiril Ananiev says government will reinstate measures if cases reach 200 mark

    In the past three weeks, save for a day, Bulgaria has been registering over 100 daily confirmed cases of coronavirus infections. Before this upward trend began, the government revoked most measures to stop the spread of the virus. The numbers were low, and the government was eager to lift...

  • Heavy machinery laid gravel in the mountain near the famous Seven Rila Lakes

    Last week tourists took to social media and posted alarming photos of heavy machinery in Rila mountain, near the famous Seven Rila Lakes. The images immediately made headlines, which compelled the director of Rila National Park to explain the presence of the digger close to one of the lakes....

  • The trial has been described by many as a SLAPP lawsuit against publisher Ivo Prokopiev

    The Specialized Court ruled innocent this Sunday publisher Ivo Prokopiev, former Economy Minister Traycho Traykov, former Finance Minister Simeon Dyankov and three stock brokers for the privatization of the power distribution company EVN in 2011. According to the prosecutors’ case the six...

  • PM Boyko Borissov said the government will not bring back measures

    Between 80 and 130 new cases of coronavirus infections have been confirmed every day for the past ten days. The upward trend began about two to three weeks after the government lifted most of the measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. Newly confirmed cases dropped to around and under ten...

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