• The travel restrictions for citizens of EU member states, as well as for non-EU countries, part of the Schengen area, which were imposed due to the coronavirus crisis, are no longer active as of May 22. In most cases a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine will be imposed. The restrictions remain for...

  • The bill is championed by the PM and heavily criticized by his own finance minister

    Today all GERB MPs, members of the Parliamentary Budget Committee voted in favor of a new bill, championed by PM Boyko Borissov to reduce VAT by a whopping 11 per cent for the whole hospitality industry – restaurants, bars, etc. Bulgaria has а 20% fixed VAT rate for all goods and services...

  • The order was challenged yesterday before the ministry and the Supreme Administrative Court

    In his first set of orders issued on May 14, following the end of the state of emergency, Health Minister Kiril Ananiev included an article mandating hospitalization for people with confirmed coronavirus infection over 60, people with underlying conditions, patients with a serious clinical...

  • Kindergartens will be allowed to open from May 22

    National Health Inspector and member of the coronavirus crisis response team Dr. Angel Kounchev said today that no more than eight hospitals will carry on treating coronavirus patients. The rest will cease admitting patience with COVID-19, which will enable them to focus on non-corona related...

  • The goal, as explained by the ministry, is to improve competition by offering lowest price

    The announcement came via press release from the Ministry of Finance today. It says that “in order to better competition on the market and provide the lowest prices for citizens and the private sector”, the Ministry of Finance proposes the state establish a company under the Ministry...

  • 38 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed over the past 24 hours, 1491 are the active cases

    Malls and trade centers will be allowed to open next Monday, May 18. An official order by Health Minister Kiril Ananiev is expected later today. The decision was made after PM Boyko Borissov had spoken to representatives of the large trade centers. Sport clubs and gyms are expected to open as...

  • This is the first representative population epidemiological study in Bulgaria about the coronavirus

    The coronavirus response team will be conducting a representative epidemiological study in Plovdiv to produce a more accurate picture as to the scope and spread of the novel coronavirus in Bulgaria. This is the first such study, which will attempt to evaluate the epidemiological indicators of...

  • Theaters, opera houses and other spaces for preforming arts will remain closed

    Today Health Minister Kiril Ananiev issued a new order, which further loosens the measures, which the government adopted early March to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Cinemas will open from tomorrow but will be allowed to use up to 30% of their seating capacity. Concerts and other...

  • Most sanitary measures will remain and transfer to a state of health emergency

    The state of emergency, which Parliament decreed March 13 is due to end on May 13. The government already declared it will not seek to extend it but it will find a way to transfer the measures, which were adopted under it, after it expires. Today, MPs passed new laws reflecting this intent on...

  • Government announces ideas for measures to encourage tourism on the coast

    Health Minister Kiril Ananiev issued an order today whereby all checkpoints, which were established at the entry points of regional centers due to the COVID-19 crisis, will be abolished as of midnight May 6. When authorities announced the plan to free access to and out of the larger cities, they...

  • Tennis, golf and swimming allowed from tomorrow, restaurants and bars serving outside - May 6

    Bulgaria continues to loosen measures in stages. Over the past week parks have been gradually opening for visitors, including national parks. Vitosha, which was closed for visits since the first days of the state of emergency, is freely accessible from today. Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova said...

  • Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova told bTV’s Tsvetanka Rizova today that the municipal government is planning on opening at least two more parks in the city – Vazrazhdane park and St. Troitsa Park. Vitosha is also on the agenda: according to the mayor, it could open for visitors next...

  • The order by the Health Minister and guidelines on Sofia official site have a conflicting point

    Sofia Mayor Yordanka Fandakova announced today that ten large parks in the city will open starting Monday, April 27. As has often been the case to date, however, the orders, which the different authorities issued have a conflicting point. Over the past week, the government and the coronavirus...

  • The state of emergency was decreed March 13 and currently set to end May 13

    The PM announced today from one of his regular inspections of the construction of the Hemus highway, that he is thinking about loosening the measures imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus. In Borissov’s own words the government has not used many of the powers Parliament granted...

  • Medical workers mark a dramatic increase in cases

    COVID-19 cases in Bulgaria are just shy of 1100 – 1097 - as the coronavirus response team announced a record-high increase over the past 24 hours with 66 newly discovered cases. 16 more emerged over the course of the day. Coronavirus infections among medial professionals have seen a rapid...

  • Crisis team ‘debating’ lifting restrictions on access to parks

    The coronavirus crisis response team announced Tuesday morning it had confirmed 51 new cases of coronavirus infection over the past 24 hours. 19 of those have been discovered in а in Pleven. The positive cases are workers in a tailor factory and a few family members. The factory has been put...

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