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PM Boyko Borissov declared the government intends to carry out its full term

Bulgaria is seeing its largest antigovernment protests in 7 years

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PM Boyko Borissov

In the largest wave of antigovernment protests in Bulgaria in the past seven years, protesters demand the resignation of the government, PM Boyko Borissov personally, and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev. The protests have united citizens from across the political spectrum against a deep-rooted vicious lock between the oligarchy, the executive branch, the Prosecutor’s Office, and different "anticorruption" institutions.

Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev declared categorically he will not, "under any circumstances" resign his post. Geshev was present in a small town to oversee a police raid.

"I will not resign! I will continue to fight [a handful of oligarchs, who rob the Bulgarian people] myself. I will!" he said.

The PM made a statement today, saying this Cabinet intends to carry out its full term. In something of a gesture towards the protesters in the streets, the PM asked for Finance Ministev Vladislav Gouranov, Minister of Interior Mladen Marinov and Minister of Economy Emil Karanikolov to resign their posts. According to Borissov’s party GERB, the ministers are from the Peevski quota – the media mogul and Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) MP, who is seen as the base of the above triangle, and the highest executive in this lock.

GERB called for the three resignations to "refute the notion that GERB and these ministers are in direct dependency to DPS and Delyan Peevski."

However, later on GERB said it will "freeze" the resignations until the no-confidence vote, which the parliamentary opposition the Bulgarian Socialist Party tabled to Parliament two days ago. The no confidence vote will be debated and put to vote next week.

If GERB survives the vote, the PM hinted that apart from these resignations, the Cabinet will undergo "cardinal changes".

Borissov moved to a lengthy rant about why the government simply does not have the luxury to resign because if it did, the country would collapse. No one but him, he said, could possibly govern this country in these difficult times, referring to the corona crisis,

"Dark times are ahead. This is the only thing I told me collogues, that some people are displeased with this, others – with that, but in looking at the faces of the protesters, I know them all. I cannot imagine the country being run by such people. [The country] will breakdown immediately, I’m sure of it! Because they have governed before and we have seen what they are capable of… November, December and January will embarked by a heavy economic and social crisis and it is no party or coalition has. The strength to lead the country through this rough sea. We need consolidation across the whole nation. If we are divided in this crisis, believe me, governments will fall. The prospect of a provisional government is absurd […] If we have a political class today, we need to think what to do then – November, December, January. In whose hands will this crisis explode, does not even matter, the people will suffer, great many people will suffer. And I am saying this with all the love I have for my country. As if it is a pleasure to be a PM or a minister. Which one of those on the streets in more experienced than us, more knowledgeable, more capable?" – the PM said.

Meanwhile, protests are entering their eighth day with demonstrations taking place across the country, with no decline in turnout.

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